Whatsapp is suing an Israeli spying company that has hacked phones of human rights activists

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MADRID: Skyline International appreciates WhatsApp’s complaint against an Israeli spying company over its cyber-attacks, with the help and support of some governments to spy on activists and dissidents.

According to the information available, WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against an Israeli spying company called “NSO”, which is responsible for a series of complex cyber-attacks that violated US law.

After a series of investigations, WhatsApp was able to identify the source of an attack it announced in May. It exposed spyware that reached WhatsApp messages of people through their cell phones.

Whatsapp accuses the “NSO” group of targeting of at least 100 members of civil society.


A statement by Whatsapp explains that the technology sold by the Israeli company has been used to target the phones of more than 1,400 social media users in 20 countries within 14 days from the end of April to mid-May.

WhatsApp says that those who were attacked by the company were prominent people such as opponents of their countries, lawyers, human rights defenders, activists, journalists and prominent political and religious figures.

Several individuals who have faced assassination and threats of violence have been exposed to these cyber-attacks.
In a complaint filed in a California court on Tuesday, WhatsApp demands a permanent injunction banning Israeli spying company “NSO” from trying to access WhatsApp’s computer systems and its parent company’s Facebook systems.

Whatsapp accused “NSO” of violating US Federal and California Law against cyber fraud.

The information revealed by WhatsApp is extremely important. If correct during the investigation, the company should be punished by US authorities for violating the most basic human rights norms, international laws and conventions.

According to the classification of the European Council of cybercrime, the actions of the Israeli company are classified as crimes against the integrity and privacy of information, through spying on data and information.

Skyline International emphasizes the importance of effective action by governments, led by the United States, to punish spying companies, particularly those working for governments in the Middle East, to prosecute activists, journalists and dissidents.

States and governments which the Israeli company has worked for are violating human rights; since hacking, harassment and surveillance campaigns against dissenters and activists is a flagrant violation of online laws and privacy.

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