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Skyline International has expressed its most profound concern over the escalating freedom of opinion and expression's violations through social networking sites monitored by several human rights bodies.

Wednesday, Skyline stated that it looks thoughtfully at the shocking documented violations against Palestinian content on social media last September, especially in "Facebook" and "Instagram" apps. Hence, it called on these platforms to respect the relevant international agreements and corporate human rights rules that guarantee freedom to publish and share information without restrictions and stresses that these limitations must immediately. .

Skyline indicated that Sada Social Center had documented more than 70 violations against the Palestinian content on social media in September 2021, the highest rate in years. Sada Social Center stated that Facebook topped the list of offenses. The center had classified the violations by platforms until May as follows: Facebook 35 accounts, Twitter 15, Instagram 14, TikTok 5, and YouTube 1.

The international foundation "Skyline" highlighted that the escalation of violations against Palestinian content was linked to the issue of Palestinian prisoners who escaped from the occupation’s prisons and the activities that reject settlement and occupation’s attacks on Beita village in the northern West Bank.

Skyline highlighted that "Facebook" has completely banned hundreds of accounts, suspended some features, closed many accounts or pages, and restricted access to posts for the public.

In turn, "Twitter" deleted hundreds of Palestinian and Arab accounts after publishing materials and messages in solidarity with the Palestinian people. It also attacked hashtags about the Israeli settlement and Palestinian prisoners. "Tiktok has also deleted many accounts of Palestinian and Arab journalists, Arab journalists, and media organizations' accounts, notably the Quds Network, the Safa Agency, and others.

Moreover, "Instagram" deleted dozens of stories and publications showing solidarity with Palestine, restricted hundreds of accounts, and banned the live broadcast of several Palestinian journalists and activists.

"Skyline" stressed that the documented shocking numbers and unjustified violations against the Palestinian content violate freedom of opinion, expression, and publication's legal rules, affirming that the competent international bodies monitor these sites' work. It is crucial for "integrity and oversight committees" to take concrete decisions regarding dozens of complaints that are sent daily by thousands of individuals whose accounts are restricted.

Skyline concluded its statement by calling on Facebook and other social media companies to comply with the international law's rules and legal principles that guarantee freedom of opinion and expression and reject any practice that would prejudice those rights. It finally stressed that any infringement or degradation of these rights constitutes a legal violation that requires accountability.