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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International for Human Rights is seriously concerned over the escalating political differences in Sudan, especially after calls for demonstrations from several different political parties. This is considered  one of the largest political crises in Sudan.

Wednesday, Skyline warns of the political collapse’s consequences that the country is experiencing, noting that the detartrating situation is Sudan has greatly affected all major sectors in the country, foremost of which is the economic sector, which is caught between inflation approaching 400%.

"Skyline" indicated that Sudan has become divided into two camps, one of which supports the military council's assumption of power, the other supports the democratic transition and demands that all powers be handed over to the country's civil parties.

In this context, Skyline indicates that the supporters of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FLC) and the National Charter Group" coalition, which supports the military council, continue their sit-in for the fifth consecutive day, which started on Saturday, in front of the Republican Palace in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, to demand the dissolution of the civilian government, and the formation of a government of by the military council. It is worth noting that thousands of different Sudanese cities and regions came out to participate in the demonstrations.

The "Forces of Freedom and Change" and the People's Resistance Committees begin mobilizing their supporters in preparation for a "million-strong demonstration" tomorrow, Thursday, in support of the "democratic transition" and to demand the transfer of the presidency of the Sovereignty Council from the military to the civilians

In statements they published on social media, the groups stressed the importance of achieving justice in the country, and expediting the announcement of the results of the investigation into the crime of dispersing the sit-in on June 3, 2019, which claimed hundreds of lives in front of the headquarters of the army's general command in Khartoum.

The Central Council of the Forces for Freedom and Change stated that "the current crisis in the country is behind limited military and civilian leaders, aiming to fail the revolution by starving the people and bringing them to their knees, bringing about security chaos, closing ports and closing roads." The council's statement added “the decision to dissolve the government is a decision owned by the forces of freedom and change, in consultation with the prime minister and the forces of the revolution, and is not made by supreme decisions.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has warned that Sudan is facing the “worst crisis” of its transition to civilian rule following the removal of longtime ruler al-Bashir more than two years ago.

Skyline stresses that the various parties in Sudan should prioritize the country's public interest at the expense of political tensions that may push the country into an irreversible path, especially as the living conditions in Sudan are in a continuous decline.

Skyline concludes its statement by calling on all political and military parties to hold a comprehensive dialogue, stop incitement between political parties, and work to achieve stability in the country by forming a democratic structure guaranteeing the participation of all parties. It further stresses that all parties should move forward in stabilizing the political and economic conditions and spare the country and individuals the consequences