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Stockholm- Skyline International for Human Rights strongly condemns the car bomb attack that claimed the life of journalist Rasha Abdullah Al Harazi, 27, and left her spouse and fellow journalist Mahmoud Al Atmi injured in Aden, Yemen, on 9 November. Skyline stresses that the authorities should take a serious action and open an investigation to determine the circumstances of the blast.

Thursday, Skyline states that an explosive device planted in the car of journalist Mahmud al-Atmi near the fuel tank on November 9, 2021, aiming at killing the largest possible number of pedestrians next to the car. The bombing took the life of his wife journalist Rasha Abdallah while she was heading to hospital to deliver her baby and al-Atmi, was seriously injured in the blast and has been hospitalized, according to initial reports.

According to an eyewitness, "the e explosion took place in Aden’s neighborhood of Khormaksar was from inside the car and that it occurred around 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon."

For its part, the "Yemeni Journalists Syndicate" condemned the incident in a statement published after the explosion, saying, "The Syndicate condemns in the strongest terms this horrific and unprecedented crime, which targeted unarmed journalists while they were on their way to the hospital". The syndicate further expresses fear that the crime serves as a dangerous indicator of a new and violent phase targeting journalists in Yemen".

In turn, Skyline confirms no group has claimed responsibility for the attack party until this moment. It expresses concern about the repeated targeting of journalists and media professionals in Yemen by the various parties to the conflict, stressing that the rise in crimes targeting journalists and civilians comes at time of criminal and legal accountability's absence

Skyline concludes its statement by calling on the security authorities and specialized agencies in Aden to take action seriously, open a quick investigation to find out the repercussions of the incident, and bring to justice the parties involved in the explosion. It stresses that such incidents constitute a violation and an unjustified attack on the lives of civilians who were guaranteed full protection by international law.