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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International for Human Rights greatly condemns the escalating violence and attacks on demonstrators and journalists, who took to the streets for mass anti-coup protests in cities and towns across the country since last Saturday against the new Sovereign Council formed by "Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan", the head of Sudan's armed forces. Accordingly, Skyline stresses that the international community should act urgently to stop the horrific violations of the security personnel and army against civilians.

Monday, Skyline states that Six protesters were killed as a result of the security forces' assault, firing live bullets and tear gas canisters at protesters who went out in marches on Saturday 13 November 2021.

"Skyline" indicates that numerous injuries from live ammunition and the brutality of the military" were reported across the Sudanese capital Khartoum due to the security forces' direct targeting of the demonstrators. Difficulties have also been reported in transporting injured protesters to a hospital.

Moreover, Skyline highlights that these demonstrations were launched after calls made by dozens of trade union gatherings and political parties in Sudan, to denounce the military coup and demand civilian rule. Skyline adds that these protests were not limited to the capital, but extended to other cities, such as: Atbara in the north of Sudan, Port Sudan in the east, El Obeid in the west, and Wadmadani in the center of the country.

Security forces on Saturday closed bridges between central Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North to vehicles and pedestrians, laying barbed wire to block access. Roads to strategic sites were also shut. 

For its part, the European Union, in a statement issued yesterday, Sunday, 14 November, condemned the “violent security campaign that targeted anti-coup protesters in Sudan, which resulted in six deaths.” The European Union statement stressed “the call for the release of all detainees, including journalists who were arrested since the coup". "We will hold the authorities accountable for human rights violations and the lack of protection for civilians, which has happened since the end of the democratic transition," the European Union added.

Skyline denounces the security forces' violations against journalists and photographers, the latest of which was the arrest of Al-Jazeera's office director in Khartoum, "Al-Malsamy Al-Kabbashi", without identifying the real charges behind his arrest. This is considered a serious attack on the freedom of journalistic work guaranteed by the Sudanese constitution and international law as well.

"Skyline" further stresses that the de-facto authorities in Sudan must protect the rights of individuals and give priority to the country's public interest at the expense of political tensions that, especially since the living conditions in Sudan are in a continuous decline.

In this regard, Skyline calls upon on political and military parties to hold a comprehensive dialogue, stop incitement among political parties, and work to achieve stability in the country.

In the end, Skyline calls on the international community to intervene quickly and put pressure on the de-facto authorities. This is to stop the escalation of violence and targeting of civilians in Sudan, and to ensure that protesters are fully protected from reprisals.