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Stockholm- Skyline International Foundation for Human Rights calls on the Jordanian judicial authorities to revise their verdict sentencing the dismissed parliament member" Osama Al-Ajarmeh" to 12 years imprisonment after he was convicted of terrorism and endangering the life of the Jordanian King. Therefore, Skyline stresses that the sentence exaggerates the punishment compared to the charges that were brought against the MP.

In a statement released today (Thursday), Skyline states that the Jordanian State Security Court has sentenced MP Osama Al-Ajarmeh to 12 years imprisonment with hard labour after 7 months of imprisonment for statements described as hurtful to the King and society. The verdict was announced in a public session and sentenced another 13 convicts to hard labour for a period ranging from seven to eight years.

Skyline further reports that according to the indictment, the prosecutor of the State Security Court accused Al-Ajarmeh of "threatening the life of His Majesty the King and committing acts with the intention of provoking an armed rebellion against the authorities." The MP was also found guilty, along with others, of "manufacturing combustible material with the intention of using it for terrorist acts and conspiracy with the same intention" and "inciting resistance against the political regime".

Skyline points out that the decision to dismiss Al-Ajarmeh came days after the Parliament suspended his membership in late May because of his “abuse of the parliament, its members and its internal system,” according to the parliament’s decision, following his intervention in the parliament regarding the incident of power outage throughout the kingdom.

In addition, "Skyline" indicates that the decision to dismiss MP "Al-Ajarmeh" angered his supporters, who took to the streets to express their support for him, especially in his hometown of Naour Brigade of the capital Amman, where they gathered and armed clashes broke out between them and security forces.

For its part, the human right s foundation "Skyline" confirms that the recent decision of the State Security Court has provoked widespread reactions in the Jordanian street. Dozens of people, relatives and supporters of the dismissed MP, took to the streets today to express their rejection of the verdict, while others attacked and burned his family office. On social media, Jordanians' opinions were also divided over the decision to imprison the MP. Most tweets and publications rejected and condemned the decision, stressing that the latest decision was a political one and not a judicial one, while others argued that the decision was realistic due to the unrest that took place directl2 after the MP was dismissed from parliament.

At the end of its statement, Skyline calls on the Jordanian judicial authorities to revise their verdict against Osama Al-Ajarmeh, stressing the importance of applying the rules and principles of law in dealing with the case of the excelled MP. At the same time, Skyline stresses its rejection of any practices that limit or violate the absolute right to freedom of opinion and expression, as well as the use of violence and threats, and calls on the Jordanian authorities to contain the crisis in a reasonable manner and work to ensure that all individuals can express their opinions in a proper atmosphere and without restrictions.