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Stockholm- Skyline strongly condemns Deutsche Welle's decision to dismiss two female journalists from their work for the broadcaster after they were accused of "anti-Semitism and anti-Israel". It stresses that the decision shows the broadcaster's unjustified violation of journalistic principles, in particular, freedom of opinion and expression.

In a statement released today, Wednesday, Skyline states that the German broadcaster informed Palestinian journalists "Maram Salem" and Jordanian "Farah Marqa" who worked for "Deutsche Welle" of the decision to fire them, two months after they accused of "anti-Semitism and anti-Israel."

“I have just been informed that I was let go from my job at the Deutsche Welle, after a journalist from Germany had published a report accusing me and other colleagues of Anti-Semitism and being Anti-Israel based on posts, we published on our personal Facebook accounts,” Maram Salem, the Palestinian journalist, said in a statement posted on her Facebook account, earlier on Monday.

Salem added, “In my case, my post had no expression explicit or implicit of Anti-Semitism and did not mention Israel at all.”

“My post only spoke of the freedom of expression in Europe.”

"I just have been notified without further explanations that I will receive a notice of termination from Deutsche Welle with immediate effect. I have not yet been informed about the reasons, nor been handed out the report on which these allegations shall be based," Farah Maraqa wrote on Twitter.

Last December, the DW said that it was suspending four employees and one freelancer during an investigation into allegations that they expressed “anti-Israel and antisemitic views.” In a statement published on its website, Deutsche Welle said it had launched an "independent investigation" into allegations contained in a German newspaper article against female staff and employees of the Arabic department, as well as its employees outside Germany.

For its part, "Skyline" denounces the decision of the German agency to dismiss the two journalists, stressing that this decision contradicts freedom of opinion and expression and proves an unprofessional bias of the Israeli news agency. It further stresses that such practices violate journalistic and legal principles that guarantee freedom of expression and the inadmissibility of prosecuting or punishing the journalist for his opinions, ideas and beliefs.

At the end of its statement, Skyline International calls on the German agency to reverse its decision, stressing that freedom of opinion and expression are guaranteed in international laws and that such practices reflect clear violations by international media agencies and institutions, which are supposed to be neutral and convey the true picture without bias for one party at the expense of another.