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Stockholm- Skyline International for Human Rights condemns the Israeli army's systematic repression of journalists and  the supression of thousands of Palestinians following the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jeruslem.

In a statement released today, Friday, Skyline statea that the Israeli police forces systematically restricted the work of journalists while they were covering the massive storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, its chapels and squares by the Israeli forces.

Skyline points out that out of the 158 injuries caused by the attacks of the occupation forces, 3 journalists were injured as a result of direct repression. It indicates that the journalists Muhammad Al-Samreen and Nasreen Salem were hit with rubber bullets directly while covering the events, and the photojournalist Rami Al-Khatib sustained injuries to the head and hands after a group of occupation soldiers gathered on him, pushed and beat him and prevented him from covering the events.

Skyline confirms that the Israeli forces deliberately attacked journalists and obstructed their work in order to conceal the truth and hide the grave violations that accompanied the storming of the mosque and the violent attack on the worshippers, the mosque and the chapels.

Skyline further indicates that this is not the first time that the Israeli forces are targeting journalists. They are repressing them and obstructing their work in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in order to cover up the truth, in violation of the Human Rights Charter, which guarantees the freedom of journalistic work

It also points out that the Israeli army is still holding 19 Palestinian journalists, 4 of whom are administrative detainees (they are not presented with an indictment and are not being tried under the "secret file"), and 6 journalists are still in detention pending a verdict, according to Palestinian sources.

Finally, Skyline calls on the United Nations Special Rapporteurs and all organizations involved in press freedom to take a firmer stand and condemn the Israeli attacks and repression against Palestinian journalists