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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights expresses grave concern over the continued escalation of abuses by Sudanese security services against activists and political gatherings in the country, particularly political arrests and persecution by security agencies. It fears the impact of the progressive deterioration of the human rights situation in Sudan now that the military council has taken control of the country's affairs.

Monday, Skyline states that the most recent of these violations was when Sudanese security services arrested human rights activist "Nazim Serraj" on Sunday after security forces detained him in the Riyadh region, east of Khartoum, and took him to an unknown location without exlaining the legal grounds for this arbitrary arrest.

Skyline states that it was not able to know the charges against the activist, "Seraj", but that a statement by some activists suggested that the arrest of "Seraj" came because of his activity and his role in the "Presenting Medical Services" organization, which provides its free services to the protestors and documents and publishes the violations against the demonstrators. .

Skyline points out that the activist "Seraj" published on social media accurate statistics about the victims of peaceful protests, including the killing of protesters by bullets, and the methods used by these forces to deepen their violations.

In this regard, international foundatin indicates that the Sudanese authorities have not commented on the arrest of journalist "Siraj" by members of their services to date, but called on the authorities to provide a legal explanation and state the basis on which they relied in ordering his arrest.

Skyline International is concerned that the continuation of these arrests and decision-making practices may have a political dimension, especially as local human rights news and reports indicate an escalation in arrests and detentioans of opposition figures, media workers, and activists under the pretext of belonging to the former regime and committing crimes against the state.

For its part, Skyline International calls for judicial bodies, particularly the prosecution and relevant courts, to fully play their role in applying and enforcing the rules of justice and protecting citizens by ensuring that they receive fair trials and that arrests should be carried out in accordance with the legal provisions of Sudanese law.

Skyline International concludes its statement by calling on the Sudanese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release the activist "Nazim Siraj," stressing that these practices violate the rules of international law, which guarantees in a variety of agreements the full protection of individuals and activists, including, in particular, freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and other rights. The international foundatiion Skyline lso callon s cal authorities to monitor their security services and ensure that their practices comply with local and international legal principles that protect the fundamental rights of individuals.