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Stockholm- Skyline International for Human Rights strongly condemns the sudden closure of the Fitra Initiative's official page by Facebook and stresses that continued policy of selection and duplication carried out by "Facebook" must stop immediately.

In statement released today, Wednesday, Skyline states that it takes very seriously the shocking practices that are documented every day by violations through social networks, especially "Facebook" and "Instagram", and calls on these sites to comply with relevant international conventions and human rights law for companiesn guaranteed the freedom of publication and sharing without restrictions or requirements.

Skyline points out that the latest violations by Facebook were the closure of the "Fitra" initiative page- which rejects the promotion of homosexuality in Arab societies - without giving the legal reasons for this closure, stressing that these practices unacceptably violate the right to freedom of opinion and expression and publication guaranteed by international conventions.

In a statement on its Twitter account, the initiative stated that "After the idea spread and the Fitra page on Facebook reached more than 2 million people worldwide, and the West's habit of restricting freedoms when opinion contradicts their whims, they closed the page, but they will not be able to stop the idea because it's in people's minds now."

It should be noted here that the "Fitra" initiative was launched by Egyptian activists to raise awareness about the dangers of homosexuality and to counter the campaigns that promote it in several countries in the region.

The initiative openly and unequivocally opposes all campaigns and malicious ideas and anything that goes against human instinct. The initiative was well received on all platforms. The blue and pink flag spread on all platforms, making it clear that it had made the blue and pink colors, associated worldwide with the symbol of man and woman, its motto to emphasize the rejection of sexual pluralism.

For their part, thousands of social network users have expressed their disapproval of Facebook's decision to delete the page of the "Fitra" initiative, stressing in posts and tweets shared on several brands that this decision is a clear attack on the freedom of opinion and expression that Facebook claims to take into account in the activities of its users.

Skyline stresses that Facebook's decision to close the Fitra page is an unjustified attack on the publication rules guaranteed by the page and reflects a clear and unjustified duplicity of Facebook towards the content of individuals and initiatives.

Skyline further stresss that this duplicity is not the first of its kind, as Facebook had previously closed pages calling for an end to violence against Muslims in India and, on the contrary, allowed pages calling for the killing of Russians during the military attack on Ukraine carried out by Russia,

Moreover, Skyline calls on the "integrity and oversight committees" of these sites to make concrete decisions in the face of dozens of complaints filed daily by thousands of individuals and initiatives whose accounts are subject to unjustified harassment and restrictions.

Skyline concludes its statement by emphasizing that Meta, the owner of Facebook, is required to respect the rules of international law and legal principles that guarantee freedom of opinion and expression in its various texts, and reject any practice that would prejudice those rights or restrict individuals in their enjoyment. It stresses that any infringement or derogation of these rights constitutes a legal violation that requires accountability and accountability.