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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights condemns the arrest of a Palestinian journalist by the Israeli army in the West Bank and the damage to several press offices following the bombing of the Palestine Tower in Gaza.

In a statement, Skyline states "Israeli forces arrested Palestinian journalist Ibrahim Abu Safiya at dawn today, Saturday, August 6, after storming his home in Beit Sira village in Ramallah"

Skyline points out that journalist Abu Safiya, a former detainee in Israeli prisons, brings to 18 the number of journalists imprisoned in Israeli gaols. It stresses that the arrest has become an Israeli attempt to hide the truth and cover up the Palestinian story.

In addition, Skyline is concerned about the policy of indiscriminate bombardment pursued by Israeli forces in their attacks on the Gaza Strip, which also target civilian facilities such as offices and media centers. In this context,the Israeli forces bombed the Palestine Tower in the center of Gaza City yesterday, damaging several media facilities, including the Youth Media Center.

Skyline condemns the Israeli incitement against Palestinian media and warned that this could be a prelude to illegal attacks against them, as has been the case in previous Israeli attacks on Gaza. It calls for protecting Palestinian civilians, including journalists, and allowing them to work safely.

Skyline also calls on Israeli authorities to end the policy of banning Palestinian journalists from leaving the country. It points to the prevention by Israeli intelligence of the departure of journalists Majdoleen Hassouna, a correspondent for the Turkish station TRT, and Mujahid Al-Saadi, 33, from the West Bank, where Hassouna was arrested on July 25. Last July, Al-Saadi was prevented from continuing his journey to Jordan at the Al-Karama border crossing and detained at the crossing for five hours.

The international foundation Skyline points out that the international community's dismissive attitude toward the Israeli authorities' practices against freedom of opinion, expression, and journalistic work-particularly the assaults and arrests of journalists-and the lack of legal oversight of their work provided tacit cover for Israel's continued violations

At the end of its statement, Skyline calls on the Israeli authorities to stop their constant attacks on Palestinian journalists, to work for the release of those detained and to guarantee their right to travel freely, and to work safely in reporting on events in the Palestinian territories.