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Stockholm Skyline condemns the ongoing violations of Palestinian content on social media in connection with yesterday's Israeli army military operation in Nablus, in which three Palestinians, including a child, were killed and 40 others injured.

In a statement released today (Wednesday), Skyline strongly condemns the more than 30 violations of Palestinian content on social media that the Sada Social Center (a Palestinian center specializing in documenting rights violations) found. These included the deletion of journalists' accounts, such as the deletion of Aseel Suleiman's account on Instagram, and activists' accounts, such as the deletion of activist Ahmed Labbad's account on Facebook.

Skyline points out that this campaign reflects the double standard of Meta, which allows the Israeli army and Israeli users to publish clips of military operations and clips of hatred and incitement against Palestinians without restriction or deletion, while Palestinian content against the occupation is deleted. It highlights that what is happening is an extension of an existing approach aimed at obscuring the Palestinian narrative in order to consolidate the Israeli narrative, which is primarily based on misinformation and incitement.

"Skyline" states that the "Journalists' Support Committee" recorded more than 98 violations in the first half of the current year 2022, as social media companies deleted, banned and restricted many news sites and channels via "YouTube", "Instagram" and Facebook".

Skyline stresses that the shocking figures and unjustified practices of social networks, which are constantly monitored, are an explicit violation of the legal provisions that guarantee freedom of opinion, expression and publication. It further emphasizes that the competent international agencies must play their role in monitoring the work of these sites.

In addition, Skyline emphasises the importance of social media "integrity and oversight committees" that make concrete decisions on the dozens of complaints filed daily by thousands of individuals whose accounts are subject to unwarranted harassment and restrictions.

At the end of its statement, Skyline calls on social media companies to respect the rules of international law and the principles of law that guarantee freedom of opinion and expression in their various texts, and to reject any practices that would interfere with these rights or limit individuals in their enjoyment. It stresses that any violation or deviation from these rights constitutes a violation of law that requires accountability and responsibility.