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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights is deeply concerned about the ongoing violations by Sudan's security services in handling demonstrations and political gatherings in the country. It condemns the arrest of dozens of people during demonstrations last Thursday calling for the overthrow of military rule, the transfer of power to civilians, and retribution for victims of the revolution's repression.

In a statement released today (Saturday) Skyline states that new demonstrations took place in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and other cities at the invitation of the "Coordinators of Resistance Committees" to demand a democratic civilian government in the country. Thousands of people participated in demonstrations in the capital Khartoum and in the cities of Omdurman, Bahri, Madani and Nyala to demand a democratic civilian government.

In its statement, ''Skyline'' points out that Sudanese police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and used water cannons to disperse thousands of Sudanese who had blocked off a number of main and secondary roads in central Khartoum with concrete barriers, logs, and burning tires.

Skylline indicates that security forces carried out a massive arrest campaign again of participants in these demonstrations. Security rity forces arrested 18 protesters, including 4 minors and two women, in the central part of Omdurman. In northern Khartoum, more than 21 demonstrators, including two women, were arrested and dozens of protesters were injured.

Security authorities have closed the "Al-Mak Nimr" and "Blue Nile" bridges that connect the capital Khartoum to Bahri, as well as roads leading to the presidential palace and near the army's general command, to prevent the arrival of protesters. Meanwhile, intensive security measures were taken in the center of the capital, especially near the presidential palace and the army general command, to prevent protesters from gathering at these points.

For its part, the Human Rights Foundation "Skyline" warns of the consequences of the ongoing political collapse that the country is experiencing and the serious impact on individuals. It points out that the deterioration of the situation in the country has significantly affected all major sectors of the country, especially the economic sector, where inflation in Sudan has reached the 400 percent mark, with fears that it will continue to rise as political polarization in Sudan continues.

Skyline stresses the importance of the various parties in Sudan prioritizing the general interest of the country over political tensions that could push Sudan in a direction whose consequences are irreversible, especially as living conditions in the country continue to deteriorate.

At the end of its statement, Skyline calls on all political and military parties to engage in a comprehensive dialog and to cease the rhetoric of incitement between political parties. These parties should also work toward the stability of the country by creating a democratic structure that guarantees the participation of all parties, promotes the stabilization of political and economic conditions, and protects the country and its people from the consequences of continued division.