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Skyline International for Human Rights is concerned about the ongoing political arrests, the detention of activists by the Palestinian security services in the West Bank, and the protracted torture and interrogations, as well as the refusal to release detainees despite court rulings.

In a statement released today (Monday), Skyline states that it is closely monitoring the continued arrest of activists by the Palestinian security services in various West Bank cities against a backdrop of political activity, peaceful assembly, freedom of opinion and expression, and trade union activity.

Skyline shed light on documented figures of Palestinian security services committing more than 315 violations against hundreds of citizens in West Bank cities in August, including arrests and detentions of journalists, activists, and opposition figures, without providing convincing legal reasons for these practices.

In his statement, Skyline points out that security authorities are still detaining dozens of people without bringing them before the judicial authorities, after arresting more than 30 people in September. Most recently, they arrested young "Suhaib Dwaikat," who was held for five consecutive days, and released detainee "Hussein Sartawi," who was held for the sixth consecutive day.

The Palestinian security services also abducted the two released prisoners, "Mahmoud Alyan" and "Hassan Faris Daraghmeh", as well as the Palestinian Polytechnic University student, "Ibrahim Nawaja", for the sixth consecutive day. The released prisoner "Islam Bani Shamsa" was also detained, tortured and beaten for the seventh consecutive day, his family told local media and human rights organisations.

"Skyline" points out that the Palestinian security services have detained the released prisoners "Anwar al-Sakhl" for the eighth consecutive day, the former politician "Saed Adi" for the ninth consecutive day, "Khalil Qassem al-Sheikh" and "Mohammed Samour" for the 13th day, and the young man "Mohamed Abdel Karim Salah" for the 14th day.

The security services continue to abduct the journalist "Mohammed Ateeq", the young man "Osama Abu Jaas", the two brothers "Ziad and Ibrahim Al-Qunairi" and the young man "Yazn Suqia" the 16th day in a row, as well as the released detainee "Shadi Ibrahim Ghunaimat" for the 21st day in a row. As well as the released detainee "Issa Shalaldeh" for the 31st day in a row and the released detainee "Ahmed Jamal Daraghmeh" for the 34th day in Jericho prison.

In this regard, Skyline stresses that the information it has observed about the violations committed by the security services in the West Bank seriously and unacceptably violates the rules of international law that guarantee freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly. It emphasises that these violations seriously affect the fundamental rights established therein, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Moreover, Skyline emphasizes that the Palestinian government's dismissive attitude toward the executive bodies's practices against freedom of opinion and expression-particularly its attacks on peaceful assemblies-provides a tacit cover for further violations.

At the end of its statement, the human rights foundation Skyline calls on the Palestinian government to take urgent measures to release prisoners for political reasons or for expressing opinions, to halt the relevant trials, to prevent abuse by the security services, to investigate allegations of torture, and to hold those responsible for violations against prisoners accountable.