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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights is deeply concerned about the behavior and practices of the media in France towards the State of Qatar, which show an unacceptable hatred. Skyline warns that these practices, if continued, will lead to an escalation of hate speech against Qatar, given the unjustified campaign against the country by some media institutions.

In a statement released today, Saturday, Skyine notes that in the few days leading up to the start of the 2022 World Cup, which is scheduled to be its first match tomorrow, it has observed disturbing and unacceptable practices by the French media against Qatar, especially after the country was allowed to host the World Cup this year.

"Skyline" explains that the last of these practices happened on "C NEWS" TV during the station's coverage of Qatar's preparations. When the channel asked the French correspondent who arrived in Doha about Qatar's preparations for the tournament, he replied with an expression that expressed anger and disapproval, "There are many mosques," which led the channel to say, "We are on the air," instead of rejecting the behavior of the reporter who spread hatred based on religion.

In addition, Skyline observed another unjustified hate speech by the French newspaper "Le Canard Enchaine," which published a special edition on the FIFA World Cup entitled "Qatar... Behind the Scenes," which included a cartoon depicting Qatari players relaxed and clothed. They wear turbans or face masks and carry swords, daggers and firearms, with signs of brutality and anger on their faces.

In addition, a cartoon appeared on the front page of the newspaper showing huge colorful buildings and veiled women in black uniforms with a soccer next to them, which is considered bullying and mockery of the State of Qatar and a clear violation of the media code of conduct.

It should be noted here that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar begins on November 20 and will continue until December 18.

In this context, Skyline stresses that the practices it has observed and the hate speech emanating from French and other media outlets against Qatar are a dangerous and unacceptable matter that requires accountability for violations of the media code of ethics, which emphasizes the importance of reporting, discussing, and observing news and events without prejudice, accusation, or sarcasm.

"Skyline" stresses that these practices not only violate the Media Charter, but also contribute to the escalation of hate speech on religious and ethnic grounds. It also states that these practices seriously and unacceptably violate the rules of international law, in particular the "International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination." ".

The human rights foundation Skyline concludes its statement with a call to the media in general and the French media in particular to respect the rules of media work and international law and to stop all practices that perpetuate hate speech and criticism on religious and ethnic grounds, and to report events as they are, without bias or accusation. It emphasizes the need to launch an independent professional investigation into all practices documented as a result of professional violations by the audiovisual media and to publish the results.