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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights condemns the Israeli authorities' deportation of Palestinian human rights activist Salah Al-Hamouri to France today, Sunday, after months of administrative detention, despite the fact that the legal proceedings in his case have not yet been completed.

Sunday, December 18, 2022, Skyline l disapproves the implementation of Israel's decision to expell to France the Palestinian human rights defender who holds French citizenship, Salah Al-Hamouri. It considers this decision to be a blatant violation of the rules of international law, in particular the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Skyline highlights a statement by the Israeli Interior Ministry confirming the expulsion of "Salah Al-Hamouri" to France on Sunday morning, after Israeli Interior Minister "Ayelet Shaked" decided to revoke his residency permit. He was deported to France in a private plane accompanied by Interior Ministry staff, where his wife and two sons were waiting for him.

​Israeli forces arrested the lawyer "Al-Hamouri" on March 7 and have held him in administrative detention without trial since then.

Skyline notes in this regard that Israeli authorities informed "Al-Hamouri" on November 30 of the decision to deport him to France, and that this was to take place on December 4, 2022, the date on which his current administrative detention order expires. Then the date for deportation was postponed because an Israeli court decided to hold him until the first of January next year, pending a decision on his deportation and the revocation of his Jerusalem identity.

"Skyline" points out that in October last year, the Israeli Attorney General and the Israeli Minister of Justice ratified the decision to strip "Al-Hamouri" of his identity and deprive him of his residence in Jerusalem under the pretext of "violation of loyalty" to the State of Israel, and the occupation authorities also removed his wife from the city of Jerusalem.

Accordingly, Skyline stresses that the expulsion of "Al-Hamouri" constitutes a full-fledged crime and a violation tantamount to a crime against humanity, and that it sets a precedent because it is based on an amendment to the law that allows the Israeli Interior Ministry to deport permanent residents if they are found to have "violated" the principle of loyalty to the State of Israel. It emphasizes that this behavior violates international law; loyalty to the occupying power is not required of the population under occupation.

In addition, Skyline points out that Article 7(1)(d) of the Rome Statute of the Tribunal provides the perpetrator deported or forcibly transferred, without grounds permitted under international law, one or more persons to another State or location, by expulsion or other coercive acts. This applies to the deportation of Al-Hamouri.

​Salah Al-Hamouri" is a lawyer and human rights defender and was one of the staff members of the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association — an internationally renowned human rights organistion. His mother is French and his father is Palestinian from the city of Jerusalem where he was born and lives. He is married to a French woman and is the father of two children.

Al-Hamouri was arrested 6 times by Israeli forces. He was also placed under house arrest, his family was forcibly deported from their homeland, and he was revoked his identity, which he described in an article as "the rules of militant expulsion, the rules of gradual uprooting and foreible expulsion from my land, my home, my social environment, the memory of my place, my stories, it is not my story, but the story of a people whose catastrophe has not stopped since 1948.

Skyline Human Rights Foundation calls for serious international pressure on Israel to force it to refrain from the deportation decision, to allow the return of "Al-Hamouri" and to end its policies that violate the rules of human rights in the Palestinian territories and in Israel.