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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights notes that the increasing abductions and persecutions of activists, opinion makers and human rights defenders by the Houthi group constitute a serious and unacceptable violation of international legal standards guaranteeing freedom of opinion and expression. Skyline reiterates that such incidents are a sign of the country's continuous decline at all levels.

In a statement released today (Sunday), Skyline expresses its concern that the so-called security and intelligence service of the Houthi militia kidnapped the artist and blogger "Ahmed Hajar" from Al-Zubairi Street in Sanaa last week and took him to an unknown location. This happened after he posted videos expressing his anger at the Houthi group's "policy of starvation and plundering the wealth of the Yemeni people" for more than eight years.

"Skyline" reports that the Houthi group launched a campaign of arrests and massive raids among Yemeni activists, human rights defenders, and lawyers, stormed the Yemeni Bar Association, and arrested the head of the Yemeni Bar Association, "Abdullah Rajeh," a day after the arrest of blogger "Ahmed Hajar." ".

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Eryani, says in press statements that "the ongoing arrest campaign by the Iran-linked terrorist Houthi militia in recent days, affecting media workers, journalists and activists, reflects the state of terror experienced by the leaders of these militias and their awareness of the growing discontent among the population."

The Human Rights Foundation points out that the Houthi group has been waging a smear campaign against artists and activists on social media since the arrest of blogger "Ahmed Hajar." Media outlets affiliated with the Houthi group have been at the forefront of agitating against activists, including "Al-Hawyah Channel," which is loyal to the group.120 Al-Houthi, who attacked activist and artist "Hajar" and other influencers, called them "a soft front working in the service of destabilizing the home front"

Skyline notes that it has been monitoring the dissemination of a warning leaflet distributed by activists loyal to the Houthis in chat groups using the WhatsApp application. The leaflet signed by the Houthi group's security and intelligence service, contained a threat to anyone sympathetic to the activist "Hajar" and other activists. via social networks.

"Skyline" Human Rights Foundation, in turn, holds the Houthi group responsible for its human rights violating practices, especially against activists, lawyers, and journalists, stressing that the Houthis' violation of freedom of opinion and expression is a serious attack on the rules of international law, which guarantees freedom of expression in its texts without threat or persecution.

Skyline concludes its statement by calling on the Houthi group to release "artist and blogger Ahmed Hajar" and to end all forms of violations of freedom of expression. It stresses the importance of the international community playing its legal and moral role to put pressure on the Houthi group to stop its persistent and serious violations, secure the release of all prisoners of conscience, and provide them with a proper environment in which to express their views.