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Stockholm - Skyline International calls on Twitter, owned by businessman Elon Musk, who is currently the company's CEO, to launch an impartial and transparent investigation into allegations by cybersecurity experts and researchers about the leaking of data from more than 200 million users on the Twitter platform. It stresses that these allegations seriously threaten the accounts of millions of users and represent a real test of the ability of the site's management to protect this data

In a statement released today, Sunday, Skyline states that According to report from security researchers and media outlets including BleepingComputer, the data of more than 200 million users of the platform Twitter was leaked. The information includes email addresses, names, usernames, account creation dates, and follower counts. The leaked database was initially advertised for USD 200,000

" Troy Hunt, creator of the cybersecurity alert site Have I Been Pwned, also analyzed the breach and shared his conclusions on Twitter: "More than 211 million emails found, information appears to be mostly accurate". Hunt is already allowing people to check if they were affected—meaning you can be proactive about understanding (and addressing) your level of risk.

According to the "Theverge" website, "Twitter" confirmed the breach has been traced back to August 2022, but claimed at the time it “had no evidence to suggest someone had taken advantage of the vulnerability". The company is currently facing an investigation by the European Union regarding the vulnerability, as the FTC is reportedly investigating and looking for similar vulnerabilities.

Skyline highlights that "Twitter" has received a lot of criticism in recent months, especially "Elon Musk", who bought the platform, and his decisions that have provoked angry and unwanted reactions from users.

An analysis published by the British newspaper "" has revealed that "Twitter" is at the top of experts' expectations, being one of the platforms expected to disappear in 2023 due to offensive statements and reactivation of banned accounts. This could lead to the platform disappearing in favor of competitors such as Mastodon. It notes that the search for a "mechanism to delete a Twitter account" has increased among thousands of users, reaching 500%.

Skyline International concludes its statement by highlighting the importance of Twitter's commitment to protecting user data and the need to review its security policies. It, therefore, emphasizes that the company is committed to implementing the company's Human Rights Charter, ensuring freedom of opinion and expression, and prohibiting any content that would interfere with these rights guaranteed by international law.