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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights is thoroughly concerned about the ongoing violations of freedom of opinion and expression on social media against Palestinian Content. It stresses that the policy of restriction and persecution pursued by these sites must end immediately. 

In a statement released today (Tuesday), Skyline condemns the shocking number of violations against Palestinian content on social media, particularly on "Facebook" and "Instagram," documented in September. It calls on the companies of these social media sites to comply with relevant international conventions and corporate human rights laws that guarantee freedom of publication and participation without restrictions. 

"Skyline" points out that the "Sada Social" centre - which specializes in protecting Palestinian narratives on social media platforms, - documented more than 1,230 violations against Palestinian content on social media platforms in 2022, with the centre confirming that this is the highest rate in years. 

The "Sada Social" centre stated that Meta's platforms topped the list of violations against Palestinian content, Facebook recorded 805 violations, Instagram 165 violations and WhatsApp 96 violations. The rest of the violations were recorded by other companies: Twitter with 68 violations and TikTok with 52 violations, YouTube with 26 violations, Clubhouse with 11 violations, and Telegram with 6 violations.  

These violations included: the closure and deletion of accounts and pages, banning of postings, live broadcasts, advertising, removal of content, access restrictions, and deletion of groups on chat platforms. 

​Skyline" states that the "Facebook" application has completely blocked dozens of accounts, suspended some functions, closed many accounts or pages, and restricted access of publications to the public. 


While "Twitter" deleted dozens of Palestinian and Arab accounts after posting messages of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and followed hashtags posted about settlements and Palestinian prisoners. The application "TikTok" also deleted numerous accounts of journalists and influencers. 


The Instagram application continues to delete dozens of posts and messages expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause, suspending dozens of accounts and preventing live broadcasts for a number of Palestinian journalists and activists. 

Accordingly, Skyline notes that 58% of the violations were against journalists and media outlets, in connection with their pages or their work in covering events in the Palestinian territories. 

Skyline reiterates that the unjustified figures and practices monitored by social networking sites are an explicit violation of the legal provisions guaranteeing freedom of opinion, expression and publication. It stresses that competent international bodies must play their role in monitoring the work of these sites. 

Skyline concludes its statement by emphasizing that Facebook and other social media companies are obliged to respect the rules of international law and the legal principles that guarantee freedom of opinion and expression in their various texts. It further confirms that any violation of these rights constitutes a violation of law that requires accountability