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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights condemns the arrest of the journalist "Noureddine Boutar", director of Mosaique Radio,by the Tunisian security authorities as part of an arrest campaign with a political dimension directed against political figures, judges and opposition businessmen.

On Tuesday, Skyline deplores the arrest of journalist "Noureddine Boutar" by security forces in Tunisia after his home was searched as part of a massive arrest campaign against opponents of President Kais Saied's current government policies.

Skyline quotes the lawyer "Dalila Mossadeq" confirming that the prosecutor's office decided to keep the journalist " Boutar " in the capital without charging him after a hearing of more than six hours at the headquarters of the Qorjani Division.

In this context, Skyline states that Boutar was questioned about the editorial management of Radio Mosaique FM and about the financial and administrative management of the radio station, answering all the questions and presenting all the documents that confirmed the legality and soundness of the management and the financial and administrative disposition of the radio station.

Skyline points out that the Mosaique radio station FM takes an editorial line that opposes President Ben Said's policies in managing power in the country. It is believed that his arrest is justified by the freedom of journalistic work and the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Skyline expresses regret that this arrest was made as part of a broad campaign targeting politicians, businessmen, and judges who were removed from their posts because of their oppositional political stances. This shows that the regime is trying to criminalize political opposition.

Moreover, Skyline stresses that this is a continuation of previous campaigns of repression and silence, which contradict President Saeed's repeated promises to respect freedoms and human rights since his extraordinary meintroduof July 25, 2021, which have led to an ongoing severe political crisis in the country.

Skyline calls for an end to the arrest and imprisonment of journalists for their journalistic work and political opponents. It also calls for the immediate release of all detainees who have exercised their legitimate right to express their views or political opposition, an end to arbitrary detention, and respect for the Human Rights Charter.