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Stockholm: Skyline International welcomes the release of journalist Amangeldy Batyrbekov, who was imprisoned on the charge of "defamation" by the Saryagash district specialized administrative court of Turkestan region in Kazakhstan. Skyline International commends the journalist's release and expresses unwavering support for him and the cause of press freedom in the country.

On the night of July 23, Amangeldy Batyrbekov, the esteemed editor of "Saryagash-Inform" newspaper, was freed from prison following his detention for alleged defamation. His imprisonment raised concerns over media rights and the state of press freedom in Kazakhstan, prompting Skyline International to closely monitor the situation.

"We are relieved to hear about the release of Amangeldy Batyrbekov and celebrate this important development for press freedom in Kazakhstan," stated [Spokesperson's Name], spokesperson for Skyline International. "However, this incident underscores the challenges journalists face while performing their vital duties, and we call on the Kazakh authorities to uphold press freedom, protect journalists' rights, and ensure a safe environment for media professionals."

Amangeldy Batyrbekov's recent ordeal began on July 3 when the Saryagash district specialized administrative court found him guilty of defamation, leading to his 20-day imprisonment. The journalist immediately appealed the verdict, claiming that the court decision was illegal.

The case against Mr. Batyrbekov emerged from a complaint filed by Majilis deputy Bolatbek Nazhmetdinuly, who accused the journalist of defamation in relation to a Facebook post. Skyline International emphasizes the need for a robust and independent judiciary that respects the right to freedom of expression and protects journalists from undue harassment or prosecution.

"Skyline International supports Amangeldy Batyrbekov's unwavering commitment to journalism and his dedication to speaking truth to power," continued ". says a spokesperson at skyline international. Journalists play a critical role in holding those in authority accountable and ensuring an informed citizenry. We call on the Kazakh government to foster an environment that encourages open and unbiased journalism."

Skyline International further acknowledges the dangerous conditions journalists face in Kazakhstan, as demonstrated by the attempted assassination of Amangeldy Batyrbekov's son, Dinmuhamed, in 2022. Such acts of violence against journalists and their families highlight the urgency of safeguarding press freedom and ensuring the safety and protection of media professionals.

As an independent news organization, Skyline International joins forces with the non-governmental International Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) in advocating for the protection of journalists' rights and urging the Kazakh authorities to introduce laws that safeguard press freedom and reduce the risk of imprisoning media professionals for their reporting.

Skyline International remains committed to promoting a free and vibrant media landscape in Kazakhstan and across the globe, defending the rights of journalists to operate without fear of retribution or censorship.