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Stockholm: Skyline International  stands in full support of the call for the implementation of a national Human Rights Act in Australia. This plea was made in an official submission by Human Rights Watch to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

Highlighting the shortcomings of the existing legal framework in Australia, Skyline International echoes Human Rights Watch's assertion that while current laws offer a level of protection against discrimination and human rights violations, significant gaps in these safeguards remain. The diverse and fragmented nature of these laws often results in the most marginalized and vulnerable segments of society slipping through the cracks, without the necessary and robust protections they deserve.

The proposed Australian Human Rights Act, if introduced, would serve as a critical reinforcement of the country's commitments under international law. Skyline International fully endorses this act as a vital and enforceable standard for the protection of human rights, providing individuals with a clear pathway to seek justice and redress in cases where their rights have been infringed upon. The act's potential to streamline this process, minimizing costs and delays, further underscores its importance.

As an independent news organization with a global commitment to human rights advocacy, Skyline International draws attention to the unique position that Australia holds as the sole Western democracy without a national human rights act or charter. In contrast, countries such as Canada, the United States, and South Africa have integrated bills of rights into their constitutions. Similarly, the United Kingdom and New Zealand have successfully implemented human rights acts, while nations like India, Timor-Leste, and Argentina have comprehensive constitutional guarantees addressing human rights. The European Convention on Human Rights, binding 47 countries, also serves as a significant benchmark.

Expressing wholehearted support for this initiative, Skyline International emphasizes the urgent need for Australia to introduce a Human Rights Act. Such an act would establish a resilient framework to protect the core rights of all individuals residing within the country, ensuring uniformity and consistency in addressing human rights matters.

In line with this vision, Skyline International stands firmly behind the words of Daniela Gavshon, Australia Director at Human Rights Watch, who stated, "A national Human Rights Act would ensure a consistent approach to human rights throughout Australia."

Skyline International remains dedicated to amplifying voices that champion human rights, and we call upon the Australian government to heed this call for progress and make a resounding commitment to the introduction of a comprehensive Human Rights Act.