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Skyline International commends the steadfast commitment of Antigua and Barbuda's Acting Prime Minister, Steadroy Benjamin, in denouncing acts of violence against media professionals. This resolute stance was voiced during the 54th Annual General Assembly of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) held at the distinguished Royalton Resort in Antigua.

The event was marked by Mr. Benjamin's impassioned declaration that incidents of violence targeting media professionals within Antigua and Barbuda and the broader Caribbean must be unequivocally opposed. This imperative comes in the wake of a distressing incident involving Dominican journalist Carlisle Jno Baptiste, whose vehicle was subjected to a firebomb attack allegedly due to his coverage of a sensitive case. Tragically, another attack in Haiti claimed the lives of two journalists.

Mr. Benjamin's unequivocal condemnation of these distressing actions underscores his unwavering belief that violence against journalists within the region cannot be tolerated. He implored journalists to recognize that an attack on one is an attack on all, and to continue their united front against those responsible for such reprehensible acts.

The General Assembly, a significant gathering of regional media and business leaders, was graced by the presence of distinguished individuals such as Dr. Claire Grant, President of the CBU, and Dr. Hyginus 'Gene' Leon, President of the Caribbean Development Bank.

Highlighting the nation's commitment to upholding freedom of speech and press, Mr. Benjamin underscored Antigua and Barbuda's pioneering legislative efforts. The country achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first in the region to eliminate criminal libel from its legal framework in 2015, within a mere six months after elections.

Skyline International stands firmly in solidarity with Antigua and Barbuda's commitment to protecting journalists and fostering a safe environment for media practitioners. The organization wholeheartedly supports Mr. Benjamin's resolute condemnation of attacks on journalists and his call for collective action against those perpetrating such acts.

As the Caribbean Media Awards Gala at Government House marked the conclusion of the CBU's 54th Annual General Assembly, Skyline International looks forward to continued collaboration with like-minded partners in championing the fundamental principles of press freedom and safety for journalists.