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Stockholm: Skyline International, an independent news organization committed to promoting and safeguarding freedom of the press worldwide, vehemently condemns the recent attack on a journalist who was critically injured in an alleged drone strike carried out by Turkey in northeastern Syria.

In a disturbing incident a journalist and a driver were targeted by what is believed to be a Turkish drone strike. The attack resulted in the tragic death of the driver and left the journalist in critical condition. The incident unfolded on a prominent road near the Kurdish city of Qamishli and was reportedly aimed at a vehicle transporting media personnel associated with Jin TV, a media outlet focusing on women's perspectives.

Skyline International is deeply concerned by this blatant act of aggression against journalists, whose primary role is to report the truth and provide the world with unbiased insights into complex situations. The attack not only threatens the safety and well-being of media professionals but also obstructs the free flow of information, a cornerstone of democratic societies.

Turkey has been implicated in numerous instances of targeting journalists and media workers, thus endangering press freedom and undermining the right of people to access uncensored information. Skyline International calls on Turkey to investigate this incident promptly, transparently, and impartially, and to be held accountable for any violations of international norms and conventions.

The incident has sparked outrage among local journalists, who gathered in front of a United Nations office in Qamishli to protest the attack and demand enhanced protection for journalists operating in northeastern Syria. The journalistic community plays a pivotal role in documenting events on the ground and sharing them with the global audience. Skyline International stands in solidarity with these brave individuals who often risk their lives to uphold the values of press freedom.

Dilyar Jaziri, co-president of the Union of Free Media (YRA), expressed concern over the escalating dangers faced by journalists due to such attacks. "The assault on [Name] and their colleague is a stark reminder of the risks journalists face while fulfilling their vital role. These acts further undermine press freedom and hinder the public's right to accurate and unbiased information," Jaziri stated.

Skyline International calls on the international community to collectively condemn this attack and pressure Turkey to uphold its commitment to respecting press freedom. Freedom of the press is a fundamental right that must be safeguarded and upheld, especially in conflict zones where journalists play a pivotal role in shedding light on critical developments.

As a beacon of press freedom, Skyline International remains committed to highlighting and denouncing any acts that seek to suppress journalism and infringe upon the rights of media professionals. We extend our thoughts and support to their family during this challenging time and continue to advocate for a world where journalists can operate without fear of violence or reprisals.