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Stockholm: Skyline International expresses its support for Senator Bernie Sanders  in his efforts to compel a comprehensive investigation into Israel's alleged human rights violations during its recent military actions in Gaza.

In a bold move, Senator Sanders introduced a resolution that, if approved, would mandate the State Department to submit a report to Congress within 30 days, specifically focusing on Israel's human rights practices. The resolution holds privileged status, empowering Sanders to force a floor vote on this crucial matter. Should it pass both houses of Congress and receive President Joe Biden's approval, the resolution would trigger a State Department report, enabling Congress to reevaluate security assistance to Israel based on the findings.

Skyline International commends Senator Sanders for his unwavering commitment to accountability and transparency in addressing the alleged human rights violations. Sanders's stance reflects a dedication to upholding international law and ensuring that justice prevails even in the midst of complex geopolitical conflicts.

In a statement, Senator Sanders emphasized the moral imperative to scrutinize the indiscriminate bombing by the Netanyahu government, citing it as both immoral and in violation of international law. He stressed that a just cause for war should not serve as an excuse for atrocities committed during military campaigns.

The resolution, put forth by Senator Sanders, calls on the State Department to respond to "credible allegations" of war crimes, including actions such as denying essential needs like food, water, and electricity to Palestinians in Gaza. It also demands transparency regarding U.S. actions taken to mitigate civilian casualties in Gaza and calls for the disclosure of a list of weapons provided to Israel since October 7—an information aspect that the Biden administration has thus far kept confidential.

Skyline International believes that this initiative by Senator Sanders underscores the importance of independent oversight and the pursuit of justice in situations where human rights may be at risk. We stand in solidarity with those advocating for transparency, accountability, and the protection of human rights on a global scale.